Wednesday, September 10, 2014

1.-"Freaks has been considered a melodrama but also a horror film, pick one and write an argument defending your choice."
Freaks it's a horror film
I mostly describe a horror film as a film that involve elements that are beyond normal, such as super natural. Freaks does have those elements, we all know that the actors were real that there wasn't any special effects involved, but the setting of the film real change the whole view of a person. Comparing to what we see in real life, we don't see as many disable people gathering around or disable people turning on people for mistreating them.

The car crush scene it the most horrify scene of them all. The way the freaks were going after the people, they are crawling through the mud, snarling and bearing weapons preparing to exact their revenge, the look on their faces can really scare a person to death and the music behind it. Comparing to aliens there is no different to it and if you find aliens movies scare why not freaks? They both adapt the same type of elements.

2.-Some critics consider the film as an argument in defense of equality while others believe the movie is a demonization of difference. Select one of the points of views and defend it.
Defense of equality
Thinking of our everyday life, it is true that the film could've been an argument in defense of equality. 
When you are disable you are always mistreated, whether is in a good way or bad way the mistreatment will always be there. As in freaks the freaks were very nice people but because of those part parts of bodies they are missing they were directly treated wrong, different resulting violence. They were defending themselves.

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