Thursday, August 28, 2014

Top ten movies. Marembo Alexandre

1. The Host - I love the effects, and the concept of the story
2. Upside Down - I love sci-fi world, and the fact the other world was upside down from the other                                    was just awesome. The lighting was great
3. Rambo 1-4th - The different movies have some great action in for a person who loves action and                                  the acting is really good, and the story behind it is really good.
4. Commando - Non-stop action
5. Supernatural - I love this show because of the way most of the episodes have different stories                                     behind them not just always scary but painful sometime, emotional, sometime and                               other times happy endings
6. Smallvile - Great actors, very addictive show, and great effects
7. The cabinet in the wood - Very scary, I love scary movies
8. Vampire dairies - meet different actors, different abilities as vampire and also different                                                      concepts of life
9 . Transformers: Age of Extinction - good composition of elements, a lot effects, a lot action 
10.Temptation: - Confessions of a Marriage Counselor - Well written story and the acting                                         was great, a lot people can relate to the movie

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