Wednesday, September 17, 2014


  • Film Noir alters the perception of characters. Do you think the protagonist is a  hero or an anti-hero? Is there something in the cinematography of the movie that suggest this?

                          -I think the protagonist is a anti-hero. Most of the actions that accure in the movie, he was never aware of them. I am not sure what category he falls into. I chose anti-hero because at the end he got caught by the police , maybe he could've been a hero if the police never found him at the end.

There was't enough of information in the cinematography that suggested if the protagonist was a hero nor anti-hero. Which is somehow interesting thinking of those days days when making movies was very new. It makes me wonder if the writers were very sure what they were doing if they were just learning. If they were aware of the audience's take on the product.

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