Sunday, October 26, 2014

Unit 9 The Piano

1. Analyze the relationship between Ada and Baines in The Piano. Is it rape? Explain. 
The relationship between Ada and Baines in The Piano could be describe as an attention that might lead to rape but then again it is quite confusing, it seems that they had some kind of a deal between sex and piano. Later it doesn't seem like it was about the piano anymore,she liked the attention Baines was giving to herm. She felt in love with him, had sex with him and wherever she was he was in her mind. I believe she felt that Baines was giving her more attention than her own husband adding to the fact her husband denied to bring the one thing she loved the most (the Piano), Baines did bring the piano and gave it to her. I believe that lead to their relationship.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Short scenes Analyses Unit 8

1. What is the cinematographic significance of the ending? (the burial)
The cinematography significance of the ending was the fact it was just a black screen, dark, you could only hear some sounds and then some light come on and off which is very scary.
3. In the scene where Raymond is practicing, what angles and camera movements are used? Explain one.
-The top overview shot was used with some tilting add to it as a movement. The top overview shot introduce more into the scene.

longer version Unit 8

Compare the "original" to the remake. Make sure you pick at least two scenes and do a close analysis of how they are similar and different. 

Comparing the two movies the original one to the remake, there is so much in common such as the story, the plot but one thing I noticed that might've changed a bit was the language. I noticed that there was so much of cursing within the scenes which I didn't notice within the first one perhaps it was due to the translation, since it was in a different language.

There was few scenes that I also noticed that they were somehow different and some that were added to it such as the few scenes of Jeff's new girlfriend going to the police, in the car with the kid. For example, the scene that the man come to meet Jeff, he attempt to kill his girlfriend, which happened inside of a house but in the original movie he never attempt to kill her and they met outside of the house. The scene in the car, Jeff and bad man had a conversion and the conversation was somehow brought out different compare to the original, the words were different, but head the same meaning behind it.

The original finishes with Jeff in the casket but the remake got more of action within it and his girlfriend rescue him and they fight the bad guy and kill him.

I don't think I would call the remake better than the original because they both have something different that is better. But speaking of action, the remake has a lot more action, fights than the original one.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Annie Hall Scene Analysis Video (extra point)

Annie Hall Scene Analysis Video (extra point)

2. Explain how some of the scenes might be read as Magic Realism?
-I think some of the scene can be read as magic realism because the sci-fi element they kind introduce in. Like introducing a magical type element into reality its the same within the scenes, he somehow introduced unrealistic into reality, something that you can do in reality. For example; when he brought the director into the scene to correct the professor wrong

3. what is the purpose of the subtitle/audio disconnect on video #3?
-The subtitle/audio disconnect on the video #3 is a good example of understanding what they really mean when they say a particular sentence, word, statement. It reveal their inner meaning of what they might wanted to say but they chose to say some different.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


1.How succesful do you consider Allen's comedy style? I am expecting an in-depth analysis of your reasons. Looking at his work work, I happened to believe that he is a great a comedian. He knows how to grab the audiences’ attention from the start to the end. He is great at blending on with the crowd, for example, when he went to the college he was talking about his experience in college which was interesting to the audience since that’s where they are at the moment and they can relate to it. Apart from his on stage performance, I thinking he has a very interesting and different style of making jokes and keeping his audience around.

2. Select a scene that highlights Allen's type of comedy and explain how it works. (Do not select from the ones discussed) 

As I mention in the first question, I kinda liked the scene where he attend the college to do on stand comedy, and the first scene how he talks about the few jokes based on death and relationship because he related that to his experience, he extended the few jokes into his whole store to explain his reasons for it. I feel like he learns his audience before his performance, what kinda mood they are engaged in, or what is going on around because he relates his comedy based on what they seem to know and either make funny of it or talks about his experience within it.

Thursday, October 2, 2014


-Select one of the montage sequences and analyze it.

1. The use of transition.
In was fascinating the way transition where used to change from one place to another. The characters were never really shown going from one place to another except at the train station scenes, otherwise some type of transitions would interrupt the scene and and up to a different place which I think was very where done. I think it was a very impressive way to not wast a lot of time and save space. This technique is being used through out the entire movie, for example when the two girls where hanging on the top of the light the technique was use perhaps because they didn't know what to do so they ended up showing a scene of them falling into the water.