Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Unit 5 Vertigo

1. The use of music in Vertigo is very particular. It is used not only to guide the spectator's emotions but also to provide identity cues and clues. Identify two moments where the music plays a crucial role and explain them. 
-Music did play a big part in the making of the film. Imagine the film without it's sound, could've never been a such great movie. Not only that the music is being used to guide the spectator's emotions and to also provide identity cues and clues but to also set a feeling to the audience.  
Two moments that a music played a crucial role are 1. After she woke up and realized that she was at someone else's house, he went to get the phone, while he was on the phone he heard some thing but they never showed her leaving but the sound that was used when he went to check on her set a strong feeling to the audience that she was not around anymore , that she had left.
2. The second part where music played a crucial role is when they went to the church that she had been dreaming about, she asked him to let her go in it alone and when he did let her go, by looking at the top of the church he learned that she was going to commit a suicide. The music that was used at this part really brings out the clues to the audience that something is going to happen which ended up happening.

2. Evaluate the movement of Vertigo in comparison to other films on the Sight and Sound Polls and comment on its deserve/undeserved place as the best film of all time. Comparing the movement of the film to other films of its time, I would say that it had some really good camera movements, clean, stable and cinematic style which helped some of the scenes of the film come to live comparing to other films that doesn't haven enough moving shots. 

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