Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Unit 12

This is the scene in car on there way going to Chicago. This scene shows the camera clearly showing the person at front and the old man in the back seat is blur. The main point for this is to show his expression on what the old man's saying. His face shows no interest but hi still couldn't stop talking.

I liked this scene set up, all doors are light green and his got black clothes on which gives a good contrast. And since he was looking down the camera was placed on the ground facing him to show the perspective or where he was looking at. this was when he was in the restroom and then he heard something, when he came to check it out, it was the old man that had fallen on the ground where he was using the restroom.

This is one of the first scene that I thing the whole film was build upon. He finished singing and went out to check on who was looking for him, when he got there he realized that it wasn't a friend. It was somebody who probably didn't like what he was doing. This scene didn't finish, instead, it flash back to days earlier to show what had lead to this scene. This scene came back at the end and continues till the fight finish and the man leaves him.

This was the scene when they got caught by the police. I liked this particular scene because of the light set up. You can see that there are light on both sides of his face, one that is strong and another one that is low light. I liked it because it made me realize how light are very important and how the producers do actually think of small things like that, because they really have an impact on scenes.

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