Sunday, November 9, 2014

Pres/Vid Analysis

Presentation question: Answer two of the three questions.
1. How is James Joyce related to O Brother where art thou? 
-James Joyce looks more like the men who married the wife in the O Brother Where art thou. Which is kinda of a propaganda because he was the writer of a similar play (Odyssey )
to O Brother Where Art Thou!

2. How did the Coen manage to represent the cyclops?
-He used low angle shots to make the bible guy a very gigantic compare to the other characters with the movie. Most of his scenes are low angle shots which reveals him as very big.

Video Analysis questions: answer two of the following
1. What is the first contact between the movie and the spectator? Describe.
-It starts with just sound no visual and then continues to credit. They few human voices reveals but still no visual and then a fade from black to visual lead in.

2. How is cross-cutting important during the river scene?
-The cross-cutting is important during the river scene because it changes between each of the characters with a girl which reveals there reaction to what's happening and also describes their personality 

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