Monday, November 10, 2014

Unit 11: Moonrise Kingdom

In these shot, we have Suzy's mom and the police officer. It it wide angel shot, we see them through Suzy's binocular. This is Suzy's point of view, only Suzy and the viewers know what is happening the other characters have no idea of this. There is few trees closer to the camera but on the sides of the frame, a light house further from the camera, then the police with Suzy's mom and the police officer talking. I found it to be a very nice shot due to the colors with it. Suzy's mom is wearing a red jacket which matches colors with the middle part of the light house and the car's silence lights. The Officer's shirt matches color with the top and bottom of the light house and the top of the car. The binocular frame color actually matches the car colors, which stands out more. Then we have the ground which is green because of the trees and the lake view which is the background. All these elements make it a great composition and a very beautiful picture.

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