Tuesday, October 14, 2014


1.How succesful do you consider Allen's comedy style? I am expecting an in-depth analysis of your reasons. Looking at his work work, I happened to believe that he is a great a comedian. He knows how to grab the audiences’ attention from the start to the end. He is great at blending on with the crowd, for example, when he went to the college he was talking about his experience in college which was interesting to the audience since that’s where they are at the moment and they can relate to it. Apart from his on stage performance, I thinking he has a very interesting and different style of making jokes and keeping his audience around.

2. Select a scene that highlights Allen's type of comedy and explain how it works. (Do not select from the ones discussed) 

As I mention in the first question, I kinda liked the scene where he attend the college to do on stand comedy, and the first scene how he talks about the few jokes based on death and relationship because he related that to his experience, he extended the few jokes into his whole store to explain his reasons for it. I feel like he learns his audience before his performance, what kinda mood they are engaged in, or what is going on around because he relates his comedy based on what they seem to know and either make funny of it or talks about his experience within it.

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